AAPM 2017 Perth – ‘The Magic of Management’

The program overview below is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds. Please check this page regularly.


Tuesday 24 October

0800 – 0900  Pre-conference Workshop Only Registration


Pre-conference Workshops

Streamlining practice management through effective systems, policies and procedures – a 21st century approach

Anna-Maria Gibb & Carmel Brown

Standing out from the crowd – serving our patients with patience and care 

Marion McKay 

Manager or Practice Leader – Improving the performance of every team member 

Simon Thiessen 


Workplace Mental Health for Leaders – Intensive 

Tasha Broomhall 

BOTANICAL 4  0930 – 1130       BOTANICAL 3      0900 – 1200 BOTANICAL 1       0900 – 1200  BOTANICAL 2    1000 – 1245

 PracticeHub Presentation

Being a high performing practice manager is a challenging role for today’s busy practice manager.

Today’s Practice Manager needs to be across all parts of the business operation: organisational governance, finance, human resources, planning and marketing, technology, risk and compliance.

In addition they are dealing with an ever changing environment, making it challenging to keep up legislative requirements, Standards, health authority regulations, reputation management, patient expectations, and, of course ‘Dr Google’!

In this presentation, Anna-Maria Gibb and Carmel Brown from PracticeHub will discuss not just ‘what to do’, but equally importantly ‘how to’ manage the many parts of the practice management puzzle.

As healthcare teams we are employed in businesses that relate to people.  Our roles, and how well we do what we do, are very much part of the business of people.  Both individually and as a part of a team we have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of our patients and all who attend our practice.  When we are unwell or facing daily struggles relating to health and wellbeing, people serving us can make all the difference.

Do we truly understand what our patients’ experiences might be when they attend our practices?  Do we consider what sometimes can get in the way of exceptional service?

Marion will take the lead in having us all think about people, our differences and our expectations when it comes to service.   Mindsets, habits and how these might reduce care and service.  Ways we can keep a personal check on ourselves at work and at play to enhance our lives and keep moving forward successfully both with enthusiasm and pride in all that we do.  A question we might like to ponder when thinking of service: ‘is there something I could be doing to be the best I can be in offering good care and service to patients; to my work colleagues and other people that cross my path each day?’

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Keeping private all that you know, say and do at work
  • Boundaries between our patients privacy and our own
  •  Competing tasks, mental wellbeing and self care
  • Communication delivery – planning,  engagement, action
  • Being real, being professional despite all that might be going on
  • Career paths, where are you now? Where are you going?  What do you want to achieve in life?  Is now the time to set goals to plan a career path for you?

Sit tight and get ready to be a recipient of Marion’s infectious view of being the best you can be when it comes to the care, wellbeing and service we can offer for others in everything we do!

Who would benefit from attending:

  • Receptionists
  • Front Office Coordinators
  • Team Leaders
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Managers
  • Practice Managers, Healthcare Workers
  • Allied Health
  • Practitioners
  • Practice Principals/Owners – service standards are for everyone!

Also includes a brief overview from Ben Ffrench, Director Business Development, UNEP re their education career path.


The key topics we will be covering:

  • How does a practice manager become a practice leader?
  • The three critical focuses for all practice managers
  • Three behaviours that build practice leadership
  • The link between your leadership style and the performance and motivation of your people?
  • Strategies for dealing with poor performance and poor behaviour
  •  The three outcomes of performance management – and the one you can’t accept
  • Increasing the commitment and engagement of your people
  • Your options when the team is in conflict
  • Leading people you don’t like
  • Conflict styles and strategies
  • Helping diverse personalities get along



The workshop will cover:

  • How to have a conversation around mental health and mental illness, particularly with regards to concerns about an employee’s mental health, either personally or professionally
  • The relevance of mental health in the workplace
  • The continuum of mental health and wellbeing
  • Ongoing strategies to support and maintain your own positive mental health
  • Statistics around the 4 most common mental illnesses
  • Additional resources and supports




1300 – 1600   Repeated 

Marion will kindly run this pre-conference workshop in the afternoon to allow multiple staff from the same practice to attend. 

1200  Registration Opens

1300 – 1700  AAPM Members’ Afternoon

Potential members are welcome to all sessions. Only individual full members are entitled to vote at Convocation and the AAPM AGM. 


1300  AAPM:  Maximising the value of your membership and getting the best from the conference 
Find out how your membership can help your efficiency at work and further your career. Includes:

  • What resources are available to you through AAPM and how to access them
  • How to make the most of AAPM education opportunities.
  • How to develop your professional career pathway – Membership Officer, Helen Kenny
  • Attaining AAPM Fellowship – Colleen Sullivan
Note: Convocation will not be held this year as there have been no submissions. 
1430 – 1515  Afternoon Tea


1515 – 1700  AAPM AGM and Welcome to new members


For all members.  The AGM is the Board’s report on AAPM’s achievements over the past year and their strategic direction for the future.  Following the AGM will be a welcome to new members and first-time attendees at the conference.

1830 – 2100  Welcome Reception – GRAND BALLROOM

Magic Extravaganza with drinks and substantial canapes in Trade Exhibition area

Wednesday 25 October

0800  Registration


0845 – 0930  Plenary Session – Official Opening


Master of Ceremonies:  Simon Thiessen

Welcome to Country:  Ingrid Cumming

Official Opening: Immediate Past President, Danny Haydon

0930 – 1030  Plenary Session 


Wungga-bah (talk about health issues)

Ernie Dingo


1030 – 1100  Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area


1100 – 1200  Plenary Session 


Be the Last One Standing

Steven Bradbury

1200 – 1300  Plenary Session 


Myths and realities of health care homes followed by a Q&A session


Danny Haydon

Marina Fulcher

Tracey Johnson

Gary Smith






1300 – 1400  Lunch in the Exhibition Area


1400 – 1500 Concurrent Sessions
LEAN Thinking Innovation in Healthcare  Cultural Awareness/Diversity  Security and Workplace Risk 
Concurrent 1 – Crown Ballroom 1  Concurrent 2 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 3 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 4 – Crown Ballroom 3C

Reducing Waste: Business Improvement and Redesign in Healthcare using Lean Thinking

Chris Bollen


Bringing to life an innovative health service – it doesn’t just happen by magic!

Julie Adams

Working across the cultural divide in delivering health and mental health care

Louise Ford
Dr Bernadette Wright

Personal Security

Scott Winter


1500 – 1530  Afternoon Tea in Exhibition Area


1530 – 1600  Plenary Session 


CareComplete: practice population health management using a stepped care approach 

Dr Michelle Harris 

1600 – 1605  Session Change Time
1605 – 1700  Concurrent Sessions
Human Resources Leadership  Security and Workplace Risk  Management Essentials 
Concurrent 5 – Crown Ballroom 1 Concurrent 6 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 7 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 8 – Crown Ballroom 3C

Managers Toolkit for Mental Health

Tasha Broomhall

The Hawthorne Effect and challenges to accreditation

Anne Davis

Business Security

Scott Winter

Practice Manager Salaries and Benefits – Options and Opportunities

Colleen Sullivan, Gary Smith, Shane Morgan

1700 – 1800  Happy Hour in the Exhibition Areas


1700 – 1800 UNE Partnerships Award Ceremony

Meeting Room 2

19 30 – till late Fellow’s Dinner

Three course Dinner at Mister Walker – elegant restaurant on Mends Street Jetty, against the spectacular city skyline


 Thursday 26 October

0715 – 0815  States Breakfast Sit down breakfast with a special welcome to first-time delegates. (Pre-booking essential)


0800  Registration


0900 – 1000  Plenary Session 


Access All Areas: The Future of Work

Gihan Perera

1000 – 1100  Plenary Session 


The role of the practice manager in the health care home

Danny Haydon

Walid Jammal

Marianna Kelly


Chad Edwards-Smith

Renaye Lucchese

1100 – 1130  Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area
1130 – 1230  Concurrent Sessions
The future of work Health Care Home  Communication Finance 
Concurrent 9 – Crown Ballroom 1 Concurrent 10 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 11 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 12 – Crown Ballroom 3C

Channeling Chaos: Be more productive in a fast-moving world

Gihan Perera 

Healthcare Homes – a NSW Case Study  facilitated by Gary Smith

Walid Jammal,
Madeline Jammal & Danny Haydon


Bullshift: Get more openness, honesty and straight talk at work

Andrew Horabin

Owning your practice/how to buy your own practice

Shane Morgan

1230 – 1330  Lunch in Exhibition Areas
1330 – 1430  Concurrent Sessions
Industrial Relations Mindfulness Communication  (repeated) Finance Masterclass (Part 1)
Concurrent 13 – Crown Ballroom 1 Concurrent 14 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 15 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 16 – Crown Ballroom 3C

Walking the tightrope of managing employee behaviour – avoiding the claims from legal and Human Resources perspective

David Wenban

A Mindful Practice – More than just Meditation

Tim Wong


Bullshift: Get more openness, honesty and straight talk at work 

Andrew Horabin

Benchmarking Your Practice to challenge you to think outside the square (Part 1)

Shane Morgan 

Please note, these sessions are designed to be stand-alone sessions however, they do complement each other

1430 – 1435  Session Change Time
1435 – 1535  Concurrent Sessions
Leadership/Organisation  Magic from the Coalface – Four short presentations  Medico-legal risk  Finance Masterclass (Part 2) 
Concurrent 17 – Crown Ballroom 1 Concurrent 18 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 19 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 20 – Crown Ballroom 3C

The Golden Rule/s: getting your poor performers to work their magic….

Simon Thiessen 

From Rookie to Patient to Pro – how a patient experience shaped a practice – Karen Campbell 

Integrated Care – Bringing it all Together – Debra Smith 

The Magic of medical assistants in the workplace  – Maralan Southern

Creating Magical Dollars in General PracticeSonia Zahra & Lisa Taliana


The risky business of practice IT

  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy breaches
  • Business Continuity

Miroslav Doncevic

 Marianna Kelly 

Benchmarking Your Practice to challenge you to think outside the square (Part 2)

Shane Morgan

Please note, these sessions are designed to be stand-alone sessions however, they do complement each other


1535 – 1600  Afternoon Tea in Exhibition Areas
1600 – 1630  Plenary Session


Sharpening The Digital Axe in your Practice

Steven Johnston

1630 – 1730  Plenary Session


Cancer Care: Have We Lost The Magic?

David Joske

1730 – 1830  Happy Hour in the Exhibition Areas

 Friday 27 October

0800  Registration


0900 – 1000  Plenary Session 


The Logic of Management

Kris Cole

1000 – 1100  Plenary Session 


Striving for Excellence – an Inspirational Story of Leadership

Fiona Wood 

1100 – 1130  Morning Tea in Exhibition Area
1130 – 1230  Concurrent Sessions
Professional Empowerment Finance  Masterclass  Technology
Concurrent 21 – Crown Ballroom 1 Concurrent 22 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 23 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 24 – Crown Ballroom 3C

The Magic of Leadership

Kris Cole  

Basic Financial Concepts in Practice Management

Jackie Beer 

DIPLOMACY – The Art of letting someone else have your way

Angela Mason Lynch  

The magic of software integration for practice administration

Marcus Wilson


1230 – 1235  Session Change Time
1235 – 1330  Concurrent Sessions
Medicare – Department of Health   Practical Improvement: the tools to make the magic happen Human Resource Management Masterclass – Hot Topic  
Concurrent 25 – Crown Ballroom 1 Concurrent 26 – Crown Ballroom 3A Concurrent 27 – Crown Ballroom 3B Concurrent 28 – Crown Ballroom 3C 

Compliance matters

followed by a Q&A session

Robyn Manchester 


Practical improvement

Mia Dhillon 

Cati Smith 


Understanding your Fair Work obligations

Tanya Radford 



Putting person-centred care at the heart of the Health Care Home  

Masterclass via video

Helen Crisp

 1330 – 1415  Lunch in the Exhibition Area (includes exhibitor’s prize draws)
1415 – 1515  Plenary Session


Unlocking the power of human connection

Peter Sharp

1515 – 1615  Plenary Session 


Anything is possible: the Magic, the Mystery, the Man 


1615 – 1630  Plenary Session 


Conference Close – Includes handover to 2018 Canberra

 1900 – 2400  Conference Gala Dinner

 It’s Dark Magic!  

Bring your personal ‘dark’ magic to the finale of the Perth AAPM conference. 

Bring your wands and fill your shoes with dancing dust.  Dress in a style that makes you feel sinister and enchanted & join us in celebrating what we do and who we are!  Tonight is when we let our hair down and create some mystical memories!


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