Understanding your Fair Work obligations


Better educate yourself on the Fair Work Act and how to implement changes to your business.

Join Employsure’s session, to learn about:

  • how to set up contracts and policies
  • employee entitlements
  • processes and steps before termination- how you can minimise the chance of unfair dismissal and adverse action claims
  • recent legislation and award changes

This is a must-attend for anyone running a business or managing employees.
Employsure has revolutionised the way small to medium sized business (SMEs) gain assistance with their employment relations, HR and workplace health and safety needs. As the leading workplace relations specialist, Employsure continues to change the way thousands of Australian businesses achieve workplace fairness and safety. Working closely with SME employers, ensuring they stay on top of rapidly changing regulations. With one of the most complicated employment legislative systems in the world, it is recognised that many Australian SME employers struggle to understand their obligations, leading to claims, disputes, industrial action and, at times, financial loss. Providing this cost-effective, end-to-end solution to SMEs, allows Employers to comply with workplace regulations, so that they can focus on running a successful business.


Employsure is taking a new approach to help Australian employers establish fair and safe workplaces. We connect our passionate experts with employers who need help to:

1) understand and implement Australian workplace compliance requirements, particularly fair work and health and safety legislation

2) appropriately and fairly manage the needs of their people, so to protect and grow their business

3) access legal advice for workplace relations issues

Employsure understands that for SMEs trying to grow their business, they need to be able to confidently access the range of workplace relations advice in one place, at any time.


Since the introduction of the Fair Work Act in 2009, Australian workplace relations legislation has posed a number of challenges for Australian private sector employers. In particular, the system is complex and difficult to navigate for owners of small to medium enterprises (SMEs), which make up 90% of Australian businesses. Compounding this challenge has been the way in which SME employers have been forced to access advice and support. To date, when faced with a workplace relations challenges, business owners have initially used law firms and solicitors who provide black and white advice.

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