Creating Magical Dollars in General Practice

1435 – 1535

As a Practice Manager, time management and money is always a priority. If we can save  General  Practitioners  time  and  make  them  more  money,  they  are  extremely happy team members. The working world of a Practice Manager can be very difficult and stressful, so why not make it easier for yourself!

North  Western  Melbourne  PHN,  has  seen  an  increase  in  better  management  and prevention  across  many  general  practices  with  the  implementation  and  use  of  data aggregation  tools.  The  tools  provide  essential  population  health  graphs,  charts  and reports  to  best  assist  all  of  the  practice  team  implement  and  drive  change  that improves patient health outcomes, increases income and assist with meeting RACGP Standards  for  general  practice.  Practice  Managers  have  access  to  item  numbers including health assessment and care plan data, diabetes and asthmas cycles of care only naming a few. Data aggregation tools can generate patient lists of who is due for review or management implementations beside the name of the general practitioner who may be missing out a claimable Medicare item number.

Data aggregation tools are great assistance with quality improvement projects which have included nurse led clinics, that have the ability to generate more income for the practice and achieve better health outcomes for the patients. As Practice Managers, this  will  be  an  integral  part  of  your  management  skills  in  general  practice  with  the Medicare changes that will be implemented. Data aggregation tools has been proven to create magical dollars and save general practices time without causing the stress and angst that comes along with change. You will become the Magician!

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