Reducing Waste: Business Improvement and Redesign in Healthcare using Lean Thinking

1400 – 1500

The workshop will introduce participants to the principles of business improvement and redesign using a methodology called lean thinking. Lean thinking has been used for many years to reduce waste (known as muda) and errors, plus improve quality of production in the manufacturing industry, initially in Japan and then around the globe. Over the past 15 years, the methodology has been increasingly used in hospitals to improve outcomes and work flow. More recently healthcare practices have been using the lessons to drive improvements, where improved efficiency, reduced costs, new revenue streams and sustainable business outcomes are critical. In a patient centred healthcare practice, one of the most overlooked wastes is patient time, and addressing this element can improve patient engagement with your practice.

Chris presented a 45-minute session at the 2016 AAPM conference, and in 2017 this workshop has been extended to 60 minutes and will contain updated material and case studies for practical application in all healthcare practices.

Learning objectives for the workshop:

  1. To gain a basic understanding of the concepts of lean thinking so practice managers can use the philosophy to reduce waste across the practice
  2. To learn via case studies, the potential benefits for business improvement using the lean methodology
  3. To better understand the value streams within your practice

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