The magic of software integration for practice administration

1130 – 1230

Small business technology is evolving at an amazing pace, and the way systems connect internally and externally of your business are changing the way managers operate. Your medical practice is no different, and there are a number of paper-based functions in practices which can be readily automated using low-cost, integrated software solutions.

At the same time, Practice Management Systems are increasingly offering cloud-based versions of their products. Practices can leverage the evolution of modern PMS platforms by connecting to an increasing breadth of options in back-office automation. There are options for all practice sizes and complexities – and this session will contrast some of the features of these available options, which will in turn contribute to your own informed decision on what best suits your practice.

This presentation will demonstrate the magic of real time data transfer, how it eradicates data entry and allows Practice Managers to focus on the truly value-adding parts of the business. Join us for a fun and energising talk about tools that you can immediately apply in your practice.


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