Myths and realities of health care homes

1200 – 1300

The Governments Healthier Medicare package is one of the biggest health system reforms since the introduction of Medicare 30 years ago. Patients with multiple chronic conditions will get a health care package tailored to their needs and that care will then be co-ordinated to help them easily navigate the complex system. As many as one-in-five Australians now live with two or more chronic health conditions. The most prominent are diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health, eye disease, respiratory conditions and arthritis – requiring a range of health services from their GP through to specialists, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians and weight-loss programs. This figure is even higher for Indigenous Australians, with a third reporting three or more long-term conditions. A panel of experts will provide an insight into what the Model of care might look like in Australia along with reflecting what has occurred Internationally.

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