The Hawthorne effect and challenges to accreditation

1605 – 1700

Accreditation has brought about considerable change to the Australian healthcare landscape. Studies have shown that change can have a positive effect but it may be short-lived if we don’t look at the foundations of the change. What has been the reality for general practice since the introduction of accreditation?

A sociologist Elton Mayo ran a series of experiments over several years researching the impact of changes to a work environment had on productivity. He worked with a group of factory workers, varying work hours, rest breaks, meal breaks and times. The results were completely unexpected. In a nutshell, the Hawthorne studies found that productivity improved even when working conditions deteriorated. This begs the question, why?

This session looks at parallels of accreditation with the Hawthorne studies, and identifies a series of change challenges for each practice to ponder.

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