Working across the cultural divide in delivering health and mental health care

1400 – 1500

The first part of this presentation will examine what, how, and why the necessity for recognising core differences between all parties engaging in the transcultural process: the patient/consumer, the staff involved; and, the overall organisation or agency in which the interaction plays out.    These differences may not be necessarily based on culture but on social determinants but the strategies for managing these differences are underpinned by the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, in particular, Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers.  The second part of this presentation will come from a transcultural mental health perspective where partnering with consumers is about developing a shared understanding of respective cultural beliefs towards the illness presentation – particularly in relation to mental disorders.  Participants will enhance their knowledge on practical ways of how to be more effective in the transcultural engagement with a view to promoting a better clinical outcome and a positive experience of the agency.

Presented by Louise Ford, Consumer & Community Engagement Manager of Health Consumers’ Council

and Dr Bernadette Wright, Clinical Psychologist (specialising in transcultural mental health) of CrossCultural Intellect.

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